Things to do

  • startup bypasses or startup logic
  • all trips to be rated by "trip impact" and changed to 2oo3
  • keep model numbers consistent to lower spare stock requirements
  • analog modbus communication to use 32bit float registers where possible to avoid scaling issues.
  • On single point of failure trips, look at adding a 1 to 2 sec PV filter or time delay to avoid spurious trips
  • Review flows on Gas streams to see if it is needed in Actual or Standard and adjust DCS accordingly 
  • On control valve trips with solenoids, make sure DCS controller is changed to MAN and SP\output sent to 0
  • standardize network communication hardware (fiber mode and protocols, 100\1GB, etc)
  • For Compressor Pkg shutdowns, we should have a Process Trip and a ESD Trip separate
  • Check all AO signals to determine if they are HART AO's or Standard AO's
  • Establish Low Flow Cutoffs for Flows
  • wire tags should be formatted so that the load is obvious. 5NTW1234-5OJB-3 doesn't mean anything. suggested is a sequential number suffixed by the load description. for example - 132415-GTA-VIM
  • sole source risk - vendor cannot provide engineered item and time is lost. example is exotic on off valves.
  • squareroot function in dcs or transmitter?
  • provide more lighting in high maintenance areas.


Drawing wise

  • need a junction box location plan. that only shows junction boxes on a plot plan. reference dominion "jb location.pdf"
  • all pdf's need to be text searchable
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